By   March 10, 2014

Momma and baby gator at Caw Caw County Park South CarolinaWhen I was growing up, a county park was usually just a playground and a picnic table. But let me tell you, times have certainly changed!

Caw Caw was a place we had passed before, and had made a mental note we might stop by again. Knowing that it would close before the WMAs we planned to visit today, we stopped there first. A sign at the entrance told us to proceed to the “gift shop” to pay our $1 per person fee, so we did. What we found was worth far more than just $1.

Caw Caw has a small but incredible Interpretive Center, with enough activities to keep a Doodle entertained that we had to just about drag him out. The center is staffed (at least today) with very knowledgeable and friendly folks.

Swamp boardwald at Caw Caw county park South CarolinaIn addition to the interpretive center are about 7 miles of hiking trails (no bikes allowed) which go through woods, a swamp and marshlands. Since the temps are starting to go up, we were hopeful to see some gators. The first boardwalk over the swamp was a little disappointing, but with a Doodle who can only move in two speeds (full speed or “hold ‘e, Mommy”), we anticipated his pitter patter to be a warning siren to all wildlife in a 10 mile radius.

We continued the trails through the woods, happening upon another boardwalk along the swamp sanctuary. Beautiful scenery, and even rocking chairs awaited us. As we continued the trails around to the waterfowl area, we stumbled upon a momma gator and her babies, another gator and some birds.

Rice fields at Caw Caw county park South CarolinaWe spent over two hours here, but could have easily stayed all day. Be sure to pack some snacks and drinks for the hike – there are plenty of benches around the trails to stop for a bite!

Location: 5200 Savannah Hwy, Ravenel, SC 29470
Admission: $1 per person
Hours: Wed – Sun: 9:00am – 5:00pm; Mon and Tue: Closed
Date of Visit: March 8, 2014

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